Sustainable Landscape

Sustainable landscaping is low impact, low maintenance, low resource use and frequently low-cost landscaping that fits each particular site and climate – virtually taking care of itself. The landscape is unique among the construction elements because it involves a living and therefore perishable finished product. A significant part of the built environment is the landscape, not structures.

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The Competition

The competition is open to worldwide designers

For the 1st DUBAI INTERNATIONAL GARDEN COMPETITION, DIGC is holding an international competition for 13 plots between 72m2 to 225m2.
Theme of the 2014 competition:
Open Theme this year.

The Dubai International Garden Competition is launching a call for proposals to select designers to create the new temporary gardens for the Competition for its 1st edition to be held from April 03-06, 2014 on the site of “The Venue, Downtown Dubai”.
Open Theme is imposed and designers are invited to submit projects that create memorable experiences. Designers may submit their proposal as individuals or inter-disciplinary teams composed of a landscape architect, architect, designer, artist, engineer, scientist, botanist, horticulturalist etc. The Competition encourages participants to form multidisciplinary teams to favour an approach that encompasses the various design disciplines. This call for proposals is thus open to UAE designers, International designers and Multinational teams. For additional information consult:

This call for applications is open

To landscape architects with a specialised school or university qualification or another recognised landscape organisation for Middle-East, Europe and other countries.
The competition is open to all Landscaping organisations, businesses, associations, community groups. Competition entrants may enter ONE category only.
To multidisciplinary teams, comprising for example architects, engineers, designers, set designers or artists, preferably with a landscape architect or a botanist within this team,
To students from landscape, architecture or design schools/colleges/universities, who can provide evidence of a landscape option and whose teacher will be the team’s agent.

The following people are excluded from this call for applications

Members of the jury and their close family

The Conditions

Photos of Gardens will be published on the official DIGC Website
The Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) Registered Judges’ decisions shall be final.

Closing date for receiving the garden projects:

Thursday the 16th Of February 2014 before 5:00 pm

Selection Process: The designers will be selected by a jury on the basis of:

The originality, coherence and clarity of the concept and the creative approach;
The contribution of their approach to the art of the garden and its renewal;
The positioning or critical basis of their proposal with regard to the practice of garden design;
The quality of the professional practice and recognition of the excellence of constructed work of the designers.

The selected gardens will be announced on 18th February 2014 on the Dubai International Garden Competition website/press conference ( All participants will receive the results of the competition by email.